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Sawasdee , Welcome

... this is the traditional greeting in Thailand. We would like to warmly welcome you at our WEB-Site. On this site, you'll be able to learn about our little Restaurant, the food we serve and how to get to us.


Supranee und Erwin

… offer you the delicate flavors of modern and traditional Thai cuisine in typical dishes such as curry prawn with coconut milk seasoned with a combination of many mild spices to give a unique taste sensation. We offer spring rolls, warm and crispy but never oily, with a typical Thai-Sauce to start off. With a wide menu of duck, fish or seafood, chicken, beef, pork and (vegetarian) dishes, there is something to appeal to everyone's palate. The tastes are authentic, coming from Thai herbs imported every week from Thailand, the freshest ingredients, spices and sauces yielding a delicate blend of taste sensations. One of the several specialities is the crispy Duck (like the name of the street) e.g. with green curry and different thai vegetables, Served with long grain Thai rice. The main dishes can be complemented with Thai- noodles or fried Thai rice. Our Cocktails are like the food, simply Thai.


The Ban Thai Restaurant

… occupies a small floor with 7 tables in the heart of Wetzlar, just one minute walk from the “DOM” of Wetzlar. It is easily accessible and offers plenty of close, easy parking in the parking-house or round about the DOM. Diners can sit inside or outside in the small garden at summertime (depends on the weather).
Please reservate a table before coming.

Come and enjoy – our “little Thailand” Island ( THAIHITI ) and a taste of Thailand!

Ban Thai Restaurant
Entengasse 10, 35578 Wetzlar

All food strictly original Thai

(+49) 6441 446 5586
  Fax: (+49) 6441 442 9745

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Winter-Spring specials

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Tom Yam Gung
(The soup of the king with Prawns)

or fried noodles

with a choice of
-Stir-fried beef with oyster sauce
-Stir-fried chicken red or green curry
-Stir-fried vegies in sweet and sour sauce

Fried banana with cocoflips

Japanese plumwine or Thai-Mehkong

€ 23.90 pro Person
ltig ab: 1.1.2012